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 Our Facebook Page 
Les Liaisons Délicieuses has a Facebook page where you can connect with past fellow gourmands and discuss future trips together.
 Food Unites the World 
Take a cooking class with Chef Samira Hradsky of Food Unites the World Cooking School in Paris and be inspired! In her cooking classes, Samira helps you to trust your own instincts and tastes and give you the tools and confidence you need to cook (well) all kinds of ethnic specialties.
 Château de Saint Paterne 
The charming château-hotel of my dear friends, Charles-Henry and Ségolène de Valbray, with whom I have collaborated for more than ten years.  We have run trips together to Normandy, the Loire, Provence, Morocco, and Vietnam.
 John Talbott’s Paris 
John Talbott writes: I was surely born in France of a chef father and food critic mother but spirited away to a forced childhood in America where I learned to cook, write and eat. At 18, I returned for a summer and have been in love with France and Paris in particular ever since. I began reviewing restaurants and compiling a list of favorites twenty years ago but its distribution was private and controlled. In 2004 I was asked to cohost the France Forum of the eGullet Society of Culinary Arts and Letters and sometime thereafter to write weekly essays for Bonjour Paris. I eat out every day I am in France and try to drag my incredibly understanding wife Colette, children and grandchildren as well as friends as much as possible with me.
 Patti Ravenscroft’s Food and Travel Writings 
Les Liaisons Délicieuses’ founder Patti Ravenscroft is writing up her food and travel experiences. Many of these posts make it to the Facebook page, but fans of blogs may prefer this medium.
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