Frequently Asked Questions
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Are all the meals included in the cost of the trip? Breakfast, lunch, and dinner (both on and off site) are included in the cost.
Does LLD provide transportation for the excursions during the week’s trip? LLD provides a driver and vehicle for the group which is included in the cost of the trip.
Can I decide to not attend a particular excursion and/or cooking session? You are welcome to attend all or any of the planned events. However, they are so wonderful, you’ll want to attend them all!
Do I need to provide my own transportation to France and the region? The trip is all inclusive except for your airfare to France and train ride to the region.
If I am not fluent in French, will I be able to understand the chef and the excursion hosts? Your LLD host is bilingual and will provide translation as needed.
Do I have a choice of participating and/or watching the chef’s sessions in the kitchen? This extraordinary vacation is free of rules. Your level of involvement is completely up to you!
Are the costs of the excursions included in the cost of the trip? All excursions costs are included.
Will I be able to take the recipes from the cooking sessions home? All recipes are provided in English for you to enjoy at home!
Are there accommodations for people with special meal needs? Of course! Please inform LLD prior to the trip of your special needs.
Do the trips activities require both casual and semiformal attire? You’ll be provided a LLD apron for the cooking classes, and we recommend casual attire for the excursions. Our gourmet dinners will require more elegant attire.
Are the accommodations equipped with modern facilities? Fax, phone, and other modern facilities are available. Some provide fitness facilities.
Are the accommodations adjacent to the chef’s kitchens? All chefs have adjoining hotels or châteaux with deluxe rooms.
Does the chef accompany the group on the outings? Uniquely, the chef attends most outings and is able to introduce the group to the culture through his or her friends, who graciously invite us into their homes.
Does Les Liaisons Délicieuses develop custom trips for small groups? LLD can design a trip especially for your group!
We’ll be glad to answer any question you might have!
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