Design your own custom LLD trip with six or more of your nearest and dearest by choosing from LLDs more than 20 locations in France, Italy, Morocco and Vietnam. We will work with you to fashion a trip that caters specifically to your group by combining the activities you choose.
The possibilities are vast:
  • Top chef’s cooking classes and fine dining
  • Market explorations
  • Vineyard visits and wine tastings
  • Historical and cultural outings
  • Sports such as hiking, tennis, golf, sailing etc
  • Garden tours
  • Music
  • Antiquing or shopping expeditions
  • Celebration parties: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, reunions
  • Your own wishes vetted by our experts
Although you could try to assemble an amazing trip on your own why risk disappointment? We have longstanding relationships with chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, shopkeepers, and other guides who have helped deliver time and again wonderful experiences for all of our guests. Consider coming with your gourmet dinner group, book group, or college/graduate school friends with whom you would like to reconnect!
Please contact Patti personally at email address or in Paris at (from outside France call for details and reservations.
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