At Home in Paris

Les Liaisons Delicieuses’ founder and owner, Patti Ravenscroft, is now at home in Paris half of the year and would love to introduce you to the Paris she has known and loved since 1966. Patti can help you discover hidden corners of Paris that only the French know. She can also help you with your reservations at many of the major restaurants and hotels, even at short notice, by calling on her extensive contacts.

Wanting to create an experience in Paris on par with her week long gastronomy tours in the French countryside, Patti has developed an intimate adventure for those interested in French culture, cooking, and food. Patti’s tours generally run from 9am to 3pm, and you may tailor it to your liking by choosing one of three options (see below after the market visit).

A Day in Paris with Patti

Begin your morning around Patti’s dining room table with a freshly baked croissant or a pain au chocolat and coffee at Patti’s apartment in the village des Batignolles, at the foothills of Montmartre. Over coffee, Patti will tell you about Paris’s best kept secrets—little known shops, museums, walks, gardens, restaurants, and other treasures in the City of Light. After breakfast, we will walk through the Square des Batignolles, an exquisite little neighborhood park, before going on to Le Marché Poncelet, a wonderful outdoor market nearby.

We will tour the market in depth: visiting Daguerre, the best fish market in Paris; Alleosse, one of the best cheese shops in Paris; and countless other purveyors of superior food and wine.

After the market visit, you have three possibilities:

  1. A return to Patti’s apartment for a delicious lunch which she has carefully prepared for you.
  2. A cooking class and lunch at L’Atelier Guy Martin, the cooking school of Michelin 2-star chef Guy Martin. Lunch includes a dish you will cook, a glass of wine, and dessert. Patti will translate during the cooking class.
  3. A 3-course lunch with Patti at one of her favorite restaurants, which includes wine and an opportunity to meet the chef.


  1. 175€ per person for a Day with Patti, including lunch at her home.
  2. 200€ per person for a Day with Patti, including a cooking class and lunch.
  3. 200€ per person for a Day with Patti, including a restaurant lunch.
Discounts are available for groups larger than 2 people

If you would like to spend an evening with Patti as a separate activity, there are two possibilities:

  1. A gourmet dinner at the Ravenscroft’s Paris apartment with Patti and her husband, Kent. We will begin with aperitifs and continue with an entrée, main course, cheese, and dessert, all paired with delicious wines. 4 guests maximum, 100€ per person.
  2. Dinner with Patti at a restaurant of your choice. Patti will make the reservation and dine with you, helping you select the very best food and wine the restaurant has to offer. 25€ for the reservation plus all dinner expenses.
Patti can also arrange shopping tours in Paris for antiques, fashion, and home decorations.
‘A Day with Patti in Paris’ can be scheduled any day but Monday (the Market is closed) when Patti is in Paris between early October and early May.
Please contact Patti personally at her email address or in Paris at (from outside France call for details and reservations.
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